Second open science french government plan

The second plan for open science promotes open-source.

The second “open science” plan of the french government was publish last week. I encourage you to read the full document (in french). You will note that, along with other axis that cover access to publication and management and promotion of open data, there is a specific axis called “Ouvrir et promouvoir les codes sources produits par la recherche” (open and promote the source code produced by research) with the following actions:

  • promote and support the distribution under an open license of source code resulting from research financed with public funds (“valoriser et soutenir la diffusion sous licence libre des codes sources issus de recherches financées sur fonds publics”)
  • highlight the production of source code for higher education, research and innovation (“mettre en valeur la production des codes sources de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation”)
  • define and promote a free software policy (“définir et promouvoir une politique en matière de logiciel libre”)

Note that the announcement was done conjointly by the president of the Université Grenoble Alpes (Y. Lakhnech).

Let’s hope that this will provide direct funds for open-source frameworks such as CamiTK, that not only is open-source itself, but that has the objective of facilitating the production and long-term maintenance of new research software.