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CamiTK Documentation and Developer Guides

CamiTK is an open-source toolkit for prototyping software-driven Computer Assisted Medical Interventions applications and innovative medical devices

Welcome to the CamiTK developer guide! This guide shows you how to get started with CamiTK, creating new extensions, using and re-using code and much more.

What is CamiTK?

CamiTK is a specific modular framework that helps researchers and clinicians to collaborate in order to prototype Computer Assisted Medical Intervention (CAMI) applications by using the best knowledge and know-how during all the required steps.

CamiTK is an open-source, cross-platform generic tool, mostly written in C++, and can handle medical images, surgical navigations and biomechanical simulations.

CamiTK can be used

  • as a end-user thanks to the CamiTK applications
  • as a developer thanks to the CamiTK framework

In addition to the framework itself, CamiTK Community Edition provide a set of essential extensions to open/save/manipulate and interact with medical images and 3D surface and volume mesh.

The specificity of CamiTK is that it is designed with the technology transfer and knowledgement process in mind. It contains a lot of specific development tools, guidance and project management helpers that will simplifies scaling up your prototype through the Technology Readiness Levels.

CamiTK Community Edition itself does not provide:

  • Application Life Cycle manager: our project is using gitlab, which is one of the best approach for most projects.
  • Specific hardware compliant and compatible components: we develop generic extensions with the idea that you can then directly reuse these software components thanks to object oriented programming and other tools that we provide in order to suit your particular needs.

Is CamiTK for me?

CamiTK is particularly useful for research labs and R&D departments that would like to scale up a proof of concept and try it quickly in a clinical environment.

It is for you if:

  • you are a developer looking to focus on your expertise in order to quickly develop a solid prototype
  • you are a project manager looking for a solution to aggregate and consolidate your team development

About this documentation

Here you will find information on how to develop with CamiTK. As a contributor, feel free to edit any page you may want, to update it or simply creating new ones to share your knowledge.

This site remains your site, and any contribution will help a lot, saving a lot of time of all the CamiTK community!

Ready to get Started?

Find out the basic principles behind CamiTK, how you can install and get ready to develop your own extensions!


What is specific in CamiTK compared to other similar framework?

Install the CamiTK developer environment

Here’s where your get all the information to install the developer environment.

Getting Started

How to start programming and developing your own CamiTK extension


Some end to end examples.

Highlighted Features

Most important and specific features of CamiTK.

Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics for CamiTK developers

API documentation

CamiTK API doc.

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the CamiTK Community Edition project

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Q&A that regularly comes back among CamiTK Developer