CamiTK 3.1.0 (sapphire)

New application : Action State Machine

The new application "Action State Machine" allows you to easily process actions on images step by step. Actions are processed throught a pipeline (discribed in an xml file), displaying and requesting the least information possible. This application is really useful for end users willing to easily test a prototype.

New software project management

The CamiTK team follows the SCRUM agile sotware development rules. This organisation improves productivity and greatly reduces regressions.
CamiTK also features continuous integration with a CDash dashboard. This tool provides the developpers willing to contribute to reduce compilation and testing issues on several platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOsX).

New meshes support : .off and Analyse format

New components have been developped in order to support new file extensions : .off meshes format and analyse formats (.hdr.gz, .nifti and .nii)

New biomechanical applications

New applications to make statistics easier in order to compare biomechanical models have been released. Using the MML format, ConvertMML will output statistics on CSV format or as plots to display the results.

Volume rendering improved!

Volume rendering actions is now optimized for image volume image. Any volume image component can be rendered in 3D as a subcomponent!

File association on Windows

CamiTK applications running on Microsoft Windows proposes default file association with the current running CamiTK application (camitk-imp or any other). File association is done each time the application loads a new component extension, extending its files handling capabilities.

Bug fixes

And of courses, a lot of bug fixes, making CamiTK more and more reliable in the CAMI world! ;-)