CamiTK 4.1.2 (burgundy)

What’s new in CamiTK 4.1.2.

CamiTK Community Edition

Code quality improvement

More flexibility and robustness:

  • A lot of code consolidation, performance improvement, code cleaning and compilation messages cleaned.
  • CamiTK CE code is now compliant to C++ 11 standard (thanks to clang-tidy).
  • The "Report Bug" action (that allows you to report a bug directly from the camitk-imp interface) has been updated.
  • Test coverage results are now published on CDash Dashboard.
  • New option at configuration time to build with the Include What You Use system.

Improved test framework

CamiTK 4.1 offer better support for automatic test of your CamiTK Extension Project (CEP), see the automatic test documentations. Notably:

  • CamiTK 4.1 includes the easy creation of integration tests. Integration tests are based on the action state machine and can perform pipeline of actions (that can be as long as required, e.g.: open 3 components, select 2, perform an action on this selection, save the results...).
  • This new version also can easily add test of newly developed component extension using existing (installed) CamiTK action.
  • Test coverage for any CEP can now be built (only supported on Linux).
All these tests are easily integrated into the CamiTK test framework and provide test reports for building code quality metrics.

New log system

The new log system is developer as well as end-user friendly. It is more flexible, versatile and more configurable (level, output to file or console). It can be used at all development stage from prototype development to clinical test. Coming with the new log system, the application console displaying the message has been completely recreated from scratch.

Check the documentation for more information.

Show all VTK point and cell data, including scalars, vectors and tensors

All VTK file point data are now loaded and can be displayed/hidden by the user or programmatically. Norm, first, second, and third component of point or cell vector data can now also be displayed in the 3D viewer. There is also three ways to show vector data in 3D (hedge hog, scaled and unscaled arrows).

(This was submitted as feature request #192 and #162 on the now defunct bugzilla server).

Bug fixed

CamiTK version 4.1 fixes the following bugs:

  • 48 (debug/release version management of external library on MSVC, fixed by A. Tacheau)
  • 33 (save a mesh as STL)
  • Bugzilla #193 (loading DICOM Files)
  • Bugzilla #190 (QEnum properties in old Qt versions)
  • Bugzilla #189 (action generation missing headers for QVector3D parameter type)
  • Bugzilla #106 (discrepancy between currently selected enum and GUI popup)
  • Bugzilla #188 (saving 2D images)

Feature requests

CamiTK version 4.1 implements the following feature requests submitted by our users:

  • Bugzilla #192 and Bugzilla #162 (see section "Show all VTK point and cell data, including scalars, vectors and tensors")
  • 25 (CamiTK log more verbose for Component and Action)
  • 26 (CamiTK log warning dialog dismiss using ESC)

CamiTK 4.1 stats

Here is some stats:

  • 1277 commits
  • 1382 files changed, 910024 insertions(+), 2515222 deletions(-)
  • 302 merge requests
  • from 6 contributors