CamiTK 3.2.0 (azure)

CamiTK Extension Project

CamiTK Extension Projects (CEP) are a brand new way of organizing CamiTK plugins (extensions) of a same project. More than gathering together plugins of a same project, CEP organisation provides reliable tools such as packaging and dependencies handling between CEPs. Learn more about CEP in the Wiki documentation.

New project organisation (CEP wise)

CamiTK open source code is now separated into 3 parts : the sdk and the imaging and modeling CEPs. The SDK provides the core of CamiTK with several basic extensions, required to run or install any other CEP using CamiTK. The imaging and modeling are optional CEPs featuring, respectivaly image processing and biomechanical extensions. Both requires the SDK to be used. Learn more about this new camitk-opensource code organisation in the Wiki documentation.

New public CEP incubator

CamiTK has now a special incubator (svn project) for Open-Source projects. The incubator is a new place where CEPs are maturing until they are ready to be integrated into CamiTK open-source code. Learn more about CEP maturing. in the Wiki documentation.

Windows: parallel Debug/Release support

Windows Debug and Release DLLs (built using Visual Studio compiler) are known not to be compatible. This causes lots of system PATH issues. We decided to get over this problem by providing a new Windows (Visual Studio) configuration. Debug DLLs and applications are now suffixed with a "-debug" in their name, like Qt does with the "d" suffix, solving any Windows specific configuration issue.
Note, for compatibility purpose, on Windows using Visual Studio you will need to recompile some libraries this way. Take a look at the installation steps to follow in the Wiki documentation (an automatic script is also provided).

New DICOM component based on GDCM

CamiTK imaging CEP provides 2 new DICOM components using the GDCM open source library to handle DICOM image (.dcm) and DICOM directory, containing several images.

New mesh processing actions

CamiTK SDK and modeling CEP provide new meshes actions: ICP registration, invert mesh, smooth filter, mesh to image stencil, extract edges, grid topology (2D and 1D). Feel free to use them!

Improved mesh quality action

New mesh quality action has been added. Featuring several distance, this action allows users to determines the quality, regarding the selected distance of each cell of a mesh.

New application: camitk-config

camitk-config is a new console configuration utility for CamiTK. This application allows you to get information about the location and the installed plugins of your CamiTK installation. This tool is also used for configuring new CEP.

CamiTK C++11 compliant

CamiTK is now C++11 compliant, and thus can be compiled using gcc 4.8 and MSVC 2010.