CamiTK 3.5.0 (teal)

No libxml2 dependency anymore!

CamiTK used libxml2, essentially for parsing XML in the modeling CEP. We now use XSD to describe our XML structures.

Bug fixed

CamiTK version 3.5.0 fixes bugs: 116, 118, 127, 128, 133, 134, 135, 146, 150, 155, 156, 158, 163, 172, 179.

New frame policy!

When creating a new component thanks to an action, you have the choice of the frame policy to apply: keep the parent component's frame, only the relation as a parent frame or no one at all. The choice is up to you. Edit this preference in the CamiTK IMP Edit->Preference menu.

New Image Acquisition Component's actions!

Every default actions of a imager (reprensented as the CamiTK component 'ImageAcquisitionComponent') are now available. It's easier then to create a new component to interface a new imager device with CamiTK!

New PML Explorer action!

The new action PML Explorer allows one to look into the structure of any PML component. Select any element (point, cells etc.) of the structure in this widget. The element is automatically enlightned!
Note that, in previous versions, within an PML component, each of its element was considered as a CamiTK component. This is not the case anymore, optimizing the resources when loading a PML component in memory!

New action Edit Frame

New action edit frame allows one to completly (and betterly) edit one component's frame. From the translation to the rotation and the parent, you will be able to edit them all!
Note that, since frame are not stored when saving a component as a file, you may export your frame information as a .xml file on your hard drive and load it later!