CamiTK 3.3.2 (indigo)

Version 3.3.2 (indigo)

6 May 2014

Bug fixed

CamiTK version 3.3.2 fixes bug: remove non DFSG compliant file (swf with no sources) and unused video files.

Version 3.3.1 (indigo)

7 April 2014

Bug fixed

CamiTK version 3.3.1 fixes bug ID11 and others not reported.

Version 3.3.0 (indigo)

4 March 2014

New Wizard application

The Wizard application is the best application to start working with CamiTK : it allows you to create your CamiTK Extension Project (CEP) and add Actions and Components extensions to it. The wizard generate your CEP's files and the skeleton of your C++ classes of your extensions. Do not hesitate to take a look at the CamiTK wiki documentation on how yo uses the new Wizard in order to work with it. You may also use take a look at its implementation with the technical documentation.

Python exposure

CamiTK API has been exposed to Python using PySide and its wrapper tools. Our goal to achieve is to let the developper works on CamiTK either in C++ or Python, which is simpler, and targets more specifically Matlab users. At the moment, our wrapping of CamiTK allows any developpers to manipulate CamiTK API's objects in Python, and thus, build scripts in Python. Those scripts might be useful to apply many CamiTK actions on several data and then display the result within IMP. Curious or interested in this feature ? Please have a look to this first version in the Wiki documentation.

New API documentation

CamiTK API Documentation has now greatly been improved, with more classes and concepts description. Now following the source code directory tree, the API Documentation aims at presenting each extension concepts featuring the corresponding C++ classes. Do not hesitate to take a look at it.

Tests integration

CamiTK now proposes automatic basic testing of Actions and Components and a simple architecture to create unitarian and functional tests. Please have a look to the documentation on the wiki of the concepts.

Easy installation on Windows

CamiTK installation on Windows is now as fast as on Linux systems (really), in some minutes. We provide automatic installers of CamiTK binaries, source code and all libraries dependencies (such as ITK, VTK, Qt) already compiled. Those installer are proposed in 32bits and 64bits, working for Visual Studio 2013, which we recommend for Windows users. Please learn more with this tutorial on the Wiki documentation.

New property system

CamiTK uses the powerful Qt meta-object properties and enhanced them to propose a generic and adaptable new property system. Now, you will be able to specificy in details (type, steps ...) of your Components and Actions' properties. Moreover, CamiTK properties are dynamic and can be set as readonly. Do not hesitate to take a look at the newProperty class..

Save your actions history

Have you ever wanted to save in a file the pipeline of the different algorithms applied on your image ? Now, you can save, as an xml file, the history of your actions applied on your components through camitk-imp. A XML file is automatically created and can be played, step by step as an input file for the Action State Machine application. Really useful when you have completed a pipeline of actions and want it to be validated by some end users.

New volumic images actions

Pixel color changer

New action to allow to change the grey level voxel value of a volumic image.

Image resampling

New action to subsample a volumic image into a smaller one.

New meshes actions and components

Merge meshes

New mesh action to merge two meshes into one. Your output is a single mesh file, store as a CamiTK MeshComponent.

Component STL

New mesh component, that allows to handle .stl mesh files in CamiTK.

Mesh clipping

New mesh clipping action allows you to clip a mesh with lots of possible options.