CamiTK 3.0.0 (blue)

New application actions

New application actions are automatically available in any CamiTK application. Right clicking on a component pops-up an actions contextual menu which allows you to select them.

Volume rendering action

Easily render any 2D image (acquired from a scanner for instance) into a volumic colored mesh.

Improved Picking action

Multi-Pixel picking action has been added to the framework, featuring pixels information in a history. Useful !

Generic actions

Action creation is more generic and a lot easier. User now has a default customizable action widget to handle his action properties. This one can be replaced any other more sophisticated widget (created by Qt Designer for instance).

Better ergonomy

New drag and drop functionality to open images and better icons improve the global CamiTK applications ergonomy.

Autoload plugin

Now applications automatically load their last used components and actions at start-up, thanks to this feature! Less time wasted !

New MSH component

This component allows you to handle .msh file : tetra, hexa, prsim, pramid quad and triangle geometries are supported at the moment.

New topology actions

A new action to easily create spheres and grid topology is available.

Bug fixes

And of courses, a lot of bug fixes, making CamiTK more and more reliable in the Cami world!