About CamiTK

CamiTK (Computer Assisted Medical Intervention Tool Kit) helps researchers and clinicians to easily and rapidly collaborate in order to prototype CAMI applications, that feature medical images, surgical navigation and biomechanical simulations.

  • CamiTK is an open-source project
  • a TIMC laboratory scientific platform
  • and provide a software framework for developers
  • as well as end-user (non developer) applications

About CamiTK Project Team, Contributors and Sponsors

CamiTK project team is composed by:
  • Manik Bhattacharjee, technical director, CNRS research engineer.
  • Emmanuel Promayon, scientific director, professor of Computer Science at Université Grenoble Alpes.

CamiTK would never have been born without Céline Fouard, co-scientific director for over ten years, lecturer-researcher of Computer Science at Université Grenoble Alpes.

Other current and past contributors to the CamiTK Community Edition include (in historical order):
  • Matthieu Chabanas
  • Christophe Boschet
  • Yannick Keraval
  • Aurelien Deram
  • Vincent Luboz
  • Vincent Leal
  • Nicolas Saubat
  • Claire Sery
  • Mathieu Bailet
  • Johan Sarrazin
  • Sonia Selmi
  • Pierre-Alain Barraud
  • Antoine Tacheau
  • Arthur Derathé
  • Aurélien Jaffard
  • Paul Mignon
  • Matthias Tummers
  • Maxime Calka
  • Théophile Tiffet
  • Jean-Loup Haberbusch
You can check who is currently contributing by checking the gitlab issue board!
For any feedback do not hesitate to contact us by email or to start a discussion on the issue board

Please Cite CamiTK!

If you are using CamiTK, and especially if you publish scientific papers, please cite this reference... and let us know! It will help us to get more funds (and therefore more people) to improve CamiTK, and we will reference your publication in the publication section of this website. Note: when citing CamiTK, please do not use a footnote with the URL, but cite this paper as a full reference.
CamiTK is a platform of the  CAMI team  and  TIMC laboratory , at  Université Grenoble Alpes ). We are grateful for the support and funds provided by the following institutions: