Discover an all-in-one application to use CAMI modules.

If you are not an expert in software development, you would like to find a "ready to go" application in order to test your case studies.
For this specific need, the CamiTK team has developed an application called CamiTK-imp.

Built on top of CamiTK and provided within the CamiTK package, CamiTK-imp is an all-in-one application allowing you to access all of your medical data by using CamiTK extensions.

Thanks to a bunch of components, CamiTK-imp allows you to display lots of medical images. Moreover CamiTK-imp provides several actions to perform image processing algorithms and biomechanical simulations.

Image Visualization

CamiTK-imp is provided with several components handling basic file format:

- Volumic images (e.g., DICOM)
- 3D mesh (e.g., .vtk, .off, .msh ...).
- visualize a 3D volumic representation of a image from its data.
- ...

CamiTK provide viewer and interactor based on VTK and Qt. Moreover, CamiTK allows developers to easily add support for new data/file formats.

Image Visualization

Image Processing

Image Processing

CamiTK-imp is provided with several actions for processing medical images

From Insight Tool Kit (ITK) embedded library to user defined algorithms, CamiTK-imp has several ways to process images.

An action viewer panel (on the right side of the application on the video) lets the user enter any necessary input of the algorithm.

Moreover, CamiTK allows developpers to easily wrap their existing library or create new image processing algorithms.

Biomechanical Modeling

CamiTK-imp features several components and actions dedicated to meshes deformation and biomechanical simulations

CamiTK-imp provides a simple way to call biomechanical engines (SOFA, Artisync ...) to compute 3D biomechanical deformations and compare them by displaying their results in CamiTK-imp

The simulation viewer on the right panel allows the user to enter the required simulation parameters. The results are rendered in the 3D viewer, in the center of the application.
Last but not least, CamiTK-imp features several "monitors", displaying information of the biomechanical simulation, such as the evaluation of the displacement, rendered in color.

Biomechanical Modeling

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