Discover a modular framework to develop your own CAMI applications

As a developer in the CAMI field, you would like to find a modular framework to implement your own applications.

CamiTK architecture with several collaborating modules

Cross platform

A modular and cross-platform framework (Linux, Windows XP, ...) that offers support for common medical imaging and biomechanical model formats (Dicom, VTKImage, ITKImage, VTKMesh, PML, VML).

Greatly modular

An easy extension mechanism that clearly separates domain logic (data and algorithms) from application logic (visualization and interaction) simplifies the designing of new extensions and the reuse of existing work! A wizard is also provided to assist you creating extensions.


Four types of extension are possible in CamiTK:

Highly maintainable code

An object-oriented design framework of around 200 C++ classes (~35.000 lines of code, SLOC/LC≈1.5, McCabe’s Cyclomatic Number ≈ 12) based on well maintained libraries (Qt/Vtk). Moreover it comes with a set of ready to use applications built on top of the framework and an API doxygen documentation.

The source code of the CamiTK core is free and available under the open-source LGPL license.
Developers are encouraged to register on the forge and submit bugs, ideas, or code. Developers of new extensions can choose how to license their own code (Open-source or not).
You may directly download the latest release source code of the CamiTK framework to get an idea, or get involved in the project by becoming a CamiTK developer.

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