Downwload source code

The following links will let you download the latest CamiTK release source code with its doxygen documentation (if you wish to consult it offline).

Also, if you are interested in CamiTK development, you can get involved in the CamiTK project by joining the community !

Please cite CamiTK!

If you find CamiTK useful for your work, especially in scientific papers, please cite this reference. It will help us getting more funds (and therefore more people) to improve CamiTK!

Lincense information

This version is available for development of proprietary and commercial applications in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. Support services are available separately for purchase. The benefit to CamiTK is that any changes made to CamiTK must be made available under the terms of this license.

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