CamiTK develop

Keep track of what is done in develop/will be available in the next CamiTK release.

This page is generated automatically from the gitlab activity and is will not be edited by a human until the next release.

This is the release note about CamiTK develop. CamiTK develop branch integrates all new features and bug fixes. It will eventually becomes the next release (when the CamiTK developers considers it is ready and worth a release).

This version is currently under development.

If you are a developer, the good news is that you can already get access to the new features and bug fixes of this release by installing the current development branch!

What OpenHub says about CamiTK

This is an independent review of our code base (click on the links for more information)

There is no new features/bug fixed since 2021-05-10… Please do feel free to contribute!