The CamiTK team offers a catalog of services composed of three packs

Service packs representation

Each pack gives support at a specific level of a project.

Depending on the size of your project, your team members, you may choose a mix of packs that best match your experiment and your needs.
The cost are clearly defined and the exact number of hours spent will be provided.

Please contact us to request additional information and find out how we can help you.

Training pack Training pack

A training pack is recommended for each person of your organization that is going to develop with CamiTK (trainee, PhD students, post-doc, permanent staff).

It includes 8h of expertise:

  • Installation of CamiTK (one-shot 4h)
  • Level-1 Training (one-shot 4h) to learn how to use CamiTK, how to configure and compile new building blocks and the benefit of versioning systems.

wheelProvides 4h of contribution to the CamiTK project.

Support pack Support pack

A support pack is recommended for each organization that would like to develop new CamiTK building blocks. It is designed to get a organization started working with CamiTK on a specific project.

It includes 40h of expertise :

  • Consulting on software architecture and design in CamiTK
  • Help on programming in CamiTK
  • Project monitoring
  • Support by videoconference, forums, and phone.

wheelProvides 30h of contribution to the CamiTK project.

Integration pack Integration pack

An integration pack is recommended for a collaborative project that involves more than one team in a given organization or more that one organization (multiple work packages).
We recommend getting one pack for each collaborative project of about 36 months duration.

It includes 120h of expertise:

  • Help to define and monitor the work package time tables and Gantt diagrams at the software development level
  • Help to include a library as a CamiTK block
  • Consulting and help on software architecture and design
  • Project monitoring
  • Help on continuous integration of the blocks
  • For a total of about 120 hours of expertise over 3 years.
wheelProvides 120h of contribution to the CamiTK project.

As you noticed, each pack features time spent to contribute to the CamiTK community.
This time helps us keeping an operational out-of-the-shelf and high technological framework.

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